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A B O U T.

Providing travel information to bus commuters has never been easier.  Transport agencies and bus operators can now communicate critical notifications at exactly the right moment, keeping passengers up-to-date and ensuring accurate information is delivered at the point of action, no matter your location.

Our digital bus stops are simple to install and completely independent from the power grid, making this exciting technology accessible in even the most remote of areas.


'Real-Time' Bus Arrivals

Seating Capacity

Service Notifications

Solar Powered 




Catching a bus in Sydney just got a whole lot smarter, thanks to the new digital bus stops from Mercury Innovation and Visionect.



S Y D N E Y .

New digital bus stops have been installed around Sydney’s Town Hall, replacing traditional bus stop paper timetables. Dubbed ‘eStops’ and developed on electronic paper, the displays have been developed with the commuter in mind, making access to travelling information and emergency notifications easier than ever before.

Nowhere is this more crucial than in Sydney—one of the busiest cities in the world, the metropolis is host to a variety of 'special city events', where streets are closed and normal city flows disturbed. Now providing this event information in real time is possible with the eStop!



H A M I L T O N.

New Zealand and other cities around the world including Jerusalem (Israel), Los Angeles (USA), London (England) are among those enjoying the benefits of better informed commuters by providing up-to-date information at the stop.

Join us in the digital commuter information revolution.


Sydney's new digital bus stops at Town Hall

This is a game changer for bus customers, as this cutting-edge technology provides real-time information at bus stops on bus routes and arrival times, service changes and other travel advice, making everyday commuters and tourists’ lives easier
— TfNSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast