The unique proposition that the e-Sign system delivers is the ‘real time’ management of 5.2 km of critical parking conditions leading in and out of Sydney’s busy entertainment precinct.
— Transport Management Centre Representative, Sydney
To be able to bring the simplicity, a clear message...through this technology, is just terrific!
— Duncan Gay, Roads Minister


We initially designed and developed e-Signs for the Transport Management Centre (TMC). These world first EPD traffic signs are a unique solution that allow for unprecedented control over traffic management in Sydney's CBD.

We currently have three versions of e-Sign:

  • e-Major Signs - Special Event Clearway Advisory Signs
  • e-Minor Signs - Regulatory Parking Signs Applied to Special Event Clearways

how it works

Our e-Sign system delivers an 80% cost saving over traditional methods of changing signs.

Totally powered by solar, these e-Signs provide both a low power and low cost solution for Special Event Clearways around the Sydney CBD, giving the TMC control over major traffic routes during critical events.

The signs use EPD (Electrophoretic Displays) technology. The technology behind these units gives optimal daylight readability, while side firing LED's provide night time visibility and draw attention to the signs when required most.

in the news

This product has received high acclaim and has been featured in recent news stories showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of these signs.

Video courtesy of TEN EyeWitness News

"Electronic clearway signs deployed across the Sydney CBD, these cutting edge signs utilise EPD technology to distribute information to motorists in the most efficient and effective way possible."

major benefits

A major component of the initial e-Sign project was to allow for minimal civil works, and as such the signs can be installed on any type of post with no electrical or communication connections, significantly lowering integration costs of the project as a whole. Below we list some of the e-Sign's major benefits:

  • Cost Efficiency: e-Minor traffic signs deliver an 80% cost saving over traditional methods of changing signs.
  • Power Efficiency: The use of EPD technology for road signs is a world first for the technology, and the e-Signs are a complete solar powered system that have already proven to reduce project integration costs by up to 50%. 
  • Improved Safety: Significant safety improvements for field staff by reducing worker exposure to live traffic and the elimination of repetitive work using ladders.
  • Improved Customer Experience: A vastly improved experience is delivered by the e-Signs through simplified ‘real time’ information for commuters.
  • Improved Traffic Management: The e-Signs allow for greatly improved ‘kerbside asset’ utilisation, offering an easy to use and low cost solution to manage.

A really good story of ingenuity and innovation, at both a local level and on a global level
— Ken Kanofski, Roads & Maritime